Butt Dialing Phenomenon

Cell Phone in Back Pocket of Miniskirt

I don’t think I’m the only person on planet Earth who gets butt dialed here and there. We’ll get to that in a moment. First I just want to ask why people, females in particular, always seem to have their cell phones in their back pockets? Taking a walk down memory lane I can remember being in high school in a time when the girls wearing their jeans so tight that if they got a chill one could read the goose bumps like braille. I really enjoyed getting behind a slow-moving crowd of girls in tight jeans, even now it still brings a smile to my face. Moving forward many years now persons of the female persuasion still wear their jeans/pants/skirt very tight. Want to know the difference? Somehow they find room to squeeze a phone in that back pocket. Personally I think it’s really distracting because I’m not looking so I can see a cell phone lump and that isn’t what I want to see. Anyway, the cell phone being in someone’s pocket or even their waistband, to me, is very tacky. What’s a person to say tho, everyone is doing it, even the girls in my family. I will be the first to admit that I do mention it to my wife and to both of my daughters, and I have done this for many years.

So, now that I sit here and think about it I can’t remember anytime I have been butt dialed by a person of the male persuasion. I’m not making that up to get this seem one-sided, I really can only ever remember being butt dialed by girls. Is this such a phenomenon? I don’t think it is because I think I have narrowed it down to a root cause and the common denominator. By now y’all have figured it out, by now many of you are thinking that this post is about over because I have solved the mystery, except y’all would be wrong. Eventhough I have assumed what the main reason for butt dialing is, I still want to know how it happens and that will be the biggest challenge. To begin with I started reading some on-line forums, groups, as well as doing internet searches (which yielded almost 800,000 results in just .39 seconds), so I know I’m not the only one talking about it. There are even some forums (to include Facebook) which are recommending men host an intervention to get phones out of every girl’s pocket as soon as possible. Y’all may laugh, but y’all know I’m right. Something drastic needs to happen pretty quick. I would say, looking at my phone right now, I get butt dialed 5-11 times on average every day. Before you get too excited, at least two come from my wife and at least two will come from at least one of my daughters if not both of them. Then we get to throw in the random people who I have either spoken to recently or texted with recently. Don’t girl’s screens lock out anymore or is it that girls just don’t pay attention before they put their phone in their pocket.

The number one reason (that’s #1) I get from friends and family about why they put their phone in their back pocket is ……………… (can you guess) ……… because then they can hear it when someone calls or texts or e-mails or whatever. OR they can feel it when they have it on vibrate. Sounds legit, right? Well, I will tell you from personal experience that it is a lost conversation before it ever starts. In a way, I have given up on my quest to figure out why girls put their phone in their back pockets. I do know one absolute fact I learned the hard way recently with my wife’s HTC DNA. We use Verizon, we have our phones insured, and come to find out that nothing covers breaking your phone because you forgot to take it out of your back pocket before you sat down. After some checking, most carriers have the exact same policy. From what I understand with talking with Verizon that having a phone “broke” by sitting on it is the most common damage they see which is why that “hazard” is not covered in their insurance plans. I wonder if everyone knows this fact. If they do, are they willing to just take the risk or do they just think it won’t happen to them? I know, tough question, and as a man I DO NOT want to even spend a moment in a woman’s brain. The thought scares me and makes me shudder.

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As a note, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, my reference to woman or females using the term “girl” was not used with a derogatory meaning attached. Nor was it meant to be-little anyone, the term “girl” was used generically to cover everyone in the realms of the female persuasion. I hope we are clear now, just trying to make the conversation easier to follow.