It Seems Really Strange But Every Time


I add something new here I feel as is I must reintroduce myself each time. I don’t know if anyone else ever gets the feeling that they personally need to but I do. Well, not any more, this will be the last time. Its time I rely on the bio and information I provided long ago. Since I write here and post here like a person was actually writing or doodling in some kind of journal. Its time consuming to bring everyone up to speed each time. So, as time progresses, if you feel lost or left behind, just browse around a bit, you’ll find what you came here for.

It’s Great That It’s Never Too Late


Come On In Just A Little Closer


If Scorpio Was An Ice Cream Flavor


If the zodiac sign Scorpio was an ice cream flavor it would be chocolate chip cookie dough for sure. Need to better understand why? Scorpios know exactly how to get to the bottom of things. Scorpios know how to ask the right questions to get y’all to think deeper and to realize what y’all actually want…. and what you actually want is that ice cream with that chocolate chip cookie dough tucked inside that vanilla ice cream. If you are in Texas there is only ONE brand to turn to, Blue Bell for sure. I don’t know if the yankees and foreigners have access to Blue Bell or not, nor do I really care, but if not, then it is y’all taking the loss there.


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