T.S.O.T.S.B. Lingerie Glamour


As y’all can see, I have expanded to yet another very specific blog, this time in appreciation of women in lingerie. Over time I have collected pictures which do not exactly go with my other blogs so I have decided to give them a new home. This new home will showcase the NSFW monochromatic appreciation of women in lingerie. Hopefully y’all will enjoy my personal tour into what I personally find appealing. This will be the only post on The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog in reference to T.S.O.T.S.B. Lingerie Glamour blog. From this time on there will be only static links on the right hand side of the page.


Welcome to T.S.O.T.S.B. Lingerie Glamour. This is your NSFW WARNING. While visiting this blog y’all will encounter many beautiful women in various states of undress. Eventhough the focus of this blog is women in lingerie, there will be many times where they will be coming out of their lingerie as well. Pictures will be posted here by my discretion which means y’all may view fully clothed women, partially clothed women, as well as full nudity. This blog is not for minors or for people who aren’t allowed to view such pictures as stated by your laws. This blog is not safe for work, unless your boss or company is very relaxed in their rules. Please enjoy what I have to share, this will be your only NSFW WARNING.