They Floated Down From The Sky

I like to share stories with y’all that leave me with more questions than answers. Why? Perhaps y’all might be thinking the same thing or y’all might have the answers I seek. Sometimes the story is just too damn bizarre not to share with y’all. So, my basic questions are these. One, what does it look like when it’s raining 2000 dead mice? Two, how does 2000 individual mice feed the expected 2 million brown snakes? Three, am I too believe that only the targeted brown snakes will eat this free meal that has fallen from the sky? Four, what will the collateral damage to other species of wildlife or humans be? Five, how would you react if you looked up and saw a real life dead mouse plague raining down on you? Gives new reasons never to look up with your mouth open, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here’s the story that has me having way too many questions.


Back in the 1950s, brown tree snakes arrived in Guam, and thought “Ah, paradise.” They have thrived on the small island, which is now home to something like 2 million of them — much to the chagrin of local birds and the U.S. military, which has to deal with regular snake-caused power failures at the Andersen Air Force Base. So the Air Force is sending in the mice. NBC News reports:

They floated down from the sky Sunday — 2,000 mice, wafting on tiny cardboard parachutes … the rodent commandos didn’t know they were on a mission: to help eradicate the brown tree snake, an invasive species that has caused millions of dollars in wildlife and commercial losses since it arrived a few decades ago. That’s because they were dead. And pumped full of painkillers.

Brown tree snakes have two weakness: tasty mice and acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. For the snakes, acetaminophen is fatal. So the military dosed the dead mice with the drug and blanketed the forest with them. Ideally, the snakes will eat the drugged mice and die. And the dead mice will be memorialized forever in this unlikely triumph of prey over predator.

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The Harboring of Pedophiles

Recently I found myself caught up in a conversation with an individual with some real bizarre beliefs. In continued conversation in a public forum, both were rather short to say the least, I began to paint a picture of this individual in my mind. Before I get into what I think about this sick bastard I would like to warn you that many of y’all, to include Christians, pedophiles, and enablers, will probably take great offense for this post. If you do not have the stomach for the truth then take this opportunity and turn away and turn your back on the truth about this particular Christian who has a real twisted way of interpreting what he has learned from the bible. You have been formally warned because from this point forward there will be subject matter and language of an adult nature. To say the least this sick fuck has really gotten under my skin and since people like him are protected in the public forum world, I will say my piece here and be done with it. If I don’t get this off of my chest and this piece of shit out of my brain it will be a long, ugly day. In fact, due to the nature of the conversations I found myself doing some research at his website. I personally did not like what I saw. What I saw was quite disturbing. I don’t know if this is because I am not Christian or if what he has to say is just that fucked up. Y’all are probably right; it’s a combination of both. I had plans of writing this post to enlighten this jackass on what dangers a pedophile is to society and that being a pedophile is not a sexual orientation choice by a long shot. The pedophile is a deviant and that is not part of sexual orientation. Let us look a little deeper.
First of all I have never kept it a secret that I am not a fan of organized religion, Christianity, or the people who defend blind faith. Included in that is the people who give false hope to others. I have no time for fable weavers. Which is why I am here today, I want to talk about a twisted fuck that is choosing to split hairs within definitions of the different ranges and degrees of Christianity. I pose this question. Are you a Christian or are you not a Christian? There is no in between. I really hate people who hide behind the banner of Christianity yet have their own separatist views and opinions. If a person is that confused then there are deeper problems. So be it, claim to be a Christian and cling to the bible as you would a worn out tattered blanket. Except this isn’t about Christianity itself, it’s about a jackass who would rather give peace and the benefit of the doubt to a pedophile rather than care what that pedophile has done to an innocent child. Once you rob a child of their sexual innocence for your own perverted reasons you gave up your right for me to consider pissing on your burning carcass. As far as the people who enable pedophiles and coddle them they can jump in the fire as well. It’s hard to get a grasp on a person’s inner workings by what you can only read. However I do not plan on giving this gem of a man the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I am going to provide y’all with his website upon request and let you be your own judge. The wonderful thing about the Internet is that a person is free to be who he wants to be, he is free to speak his mind, and he is free to be as misguided as he wants to be. I think what set me off indirectly was some of his comments, some of what his written reply was to me and others, and for sure the post on his website. It all revolves around him thinking and using his interpretation of the bible to spread the “word” that god loves pedophiles and will accept them into heaven. What the fuck?
How can being a pedophile have anything to do with one’s sexual orientation? Is there anyone out there that can answer that question responsibly? A person who has sexual thoughts and/or behaviors towards a kid shouldn’t even be breathing in my book. Give them whatever psycho-babble bible thumping label you want to give to this sick person, but this person is still just a piece of shit. I have done a great deal of reading on the cause and effect of a pedophile. Doctors think they can cure them, Christians think they can save them, but absolutely nobody can undo what a pedophile does to a child. Why are more people not worried about the lives pedophiles destroy instead of worrying if their god will still love the pedophile. I, at first, didn’t take this joker serious, but I have come to believe that he truly stands behind what he preaches. He believes his own bullshit. I asked him “what if there really isn’t a god, would he still forgive the pedophile if he destroyed one his children’s life?” What do you think the answer was? We will get back to that; just know that he is still in the defense of the pedophile. In reality, where I live, a pedophile is a broken person, a person who cannot be fixed by medicine nor faith. I really have begun to wonder what gets in the heads of Christians when they start believing that god will fix everything and all you have to do is accept god into your life. Fortunately I also live in the land of laws, man’s laws, where sick fuck pedophiles get punished for destroying the lives of innocent children. God isn’t protecting these innocent children from pedophiles or any harm. Just the opposite, he lets it happen. Christians will say that these adversities in life are god’s lessons. Fuck that, my daughters don’t need to learn that lesson nor would god be there to protect the unfortunate bastard that made a poor choice in life. When will the Christians grow up and stop waiting for the fairy tale to come true? It saddens me, since we as men, fight for so much in life but turn to a fairy tale for forgiveness of our sins. We will all pay for our sins in life, its called death. There is no reason to give comfort to a pedophile, he/she is well aware of what he/she is doing. The pedophile knows what they are doing is wrong.
I normally would like to keep my beliefs out of the conversation, but it was time that someone said something somewhere. No matter what research has been done, no matter what the bible might be interpreted to say, the fact remains the same, a pedophile is an absolute predator that preys on the sexual innocence of children. This will never be acceptable to me, never. Giving false hope that the gates of heaven are open to even pedophiles reassures me that I am quite comfortable with the choice I made so many years ago. As I look back here I see that I never gave proper definition of a pedophile or pedophilia. It is defined as an abnormal or unnatural attraction associated with the fantasy or act of sexual activity with prepubescent children. Statistically, most pedophiles are friends, family members, or relatives of the sexually abused child. There are different kinds of pedophile activities which include, but are not limited to, looking at a child undressing or changing and touching a child in a sexual manner. Statistically, most predator acts involve oral sex and/or touching of the genitals of the child or the offender. Studies show that a pedophile is more likely to target children who feel uncared for or lonely and show them at a higher risk. Now I ask my new Christian friend and everyone else reading this post, do you want a pedophile sitting next to your young daughter or son at church, at school, in the park, in your house, or anywhere? If so, you need to call child services so they can publically stone you and burn your parenting card. Sadly, I have learned, is that being a pedophile is next to impossible to diagnose by a doctor or for them to establish how one becomes a pedophile. At this particular time in history it is unclear if it is genetic or learned. It is uncommon for a pedophile to change his/her behavior since the inappropriate sexual behavior with a child is usually longstanding and part of the pedophile’s lifestyle.
Even if a pedophile goes to prison for his/her crime, he/she will never be cured and therefore always a constant threat to society. What are the effects of child sexual abuse from a pedophile? The effects from pedophile sexual abuse extend far beyond childhood. The abuse robs the children of their childhood and creates a loss of trust, feelings of guilt, and self-abuse behavior. It generally leads to antisocial behavior, depression, identity confusion, loss of self-esteem, and many other serious emotional problems which are carried throughout their lives. Later in life it leads to difficulty within intimate relationships. The sexual victimization of children is ethically and morally wrong. Does the pedophile care what damage he/she is doing? If you answered no then you are dead on right because they don’t give a shit about their victim. If they did, if they had once ounce of a conscience, then having fantasies or having sexual contact with a child would never cross their mind. A pedophile knows what he/she wants and gets it at all cost. What can you do to protect your children? Teach your children what proper and appropriate sexual behavior is and when to yell NO if someone tries to touch their sexual parts or touch them in any way which makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, do your part in observing your children when they interact with others to see if they are hesitant or really uncomfortable around certain adults. Last, but not least, and probably most importantly, it is critical to provide adequate supervision for your children and only leave them in the care of individuals whom you trust and deem safe. No, I am not stupid; I know we cannot be with our children 24/7/365 because that isn’t how life works. But, you would be surprised, with a little effort on your part you get the opportunity to be a better parent and build a better relationship which consists of trust and safety with your children. It isn’t easy. You have to try. You must never give up. Pedophiles do not wear signs that point them out and many times are hard to spot or catch. But, if nobody is trying then he/she will always get away with it. As a father, I know I don’t want a pedophile getting his/her hands near my children.
As much as I would like to give this shithead of a Christian’s name, address, and phone number to the public I am making the choice not to. It’s not a favor, it’s not fear, it is out of courtesy that I know somewhere in that bonehead of his he knows he is making some very poor choices siding with pedophiles over general society. But, I will offer you the post he made at his web-site upon request since I don’t want to litter my blog with a direct link to his bullshit and you can decide on your own. As a reminder to new readers as well as the veterans, since some of you may be confused, I do not hate your god. I just don’t believe in his presence or his existence since there is nothing to support anything that has to do with god. Before y’all get your panties in a twist just remember I am not a sheeple in your flock which allows me to think outside the Christian box on my own free will. It is because I allow myself to think freely that I can see things clearly for what they are. Sometimes a spade is just a spade. Fortunately the whole god loves all of his children and awaits their arrival in heaven doesn’t work for me. But, that’s just me. In the end, I don’t think all Christians think like this fucktard and I realize that there are many non-Christians that think way out in left field as well. A pedophile is a monster, an animal which preys on innocent children and should not be harbored by anybody. When I see that there are assholes who think because they are a Christian and have a certain understanding and interpretation of the bible that want to give pedophiles a free pass it turns my stomach. It makes me have discussions with my children and wife about the darkness that is creeping within Christianity so they can be careful when they gather with other Christians every Sunday. I hold my children closer now since I know that there are pedophiles wearing Christian’s clothing lurking around. If nothing else I hope you have learned that you need to keep your children close because you never know who is there to do them harm or who is protecting them under false pretenses.
Other than my personal opinion, all of the information posted here today is of public domain, found in the local library, on the internet, within a variety of papers, within a variety of public forums, and so forth. When I reference my personal opinion as being a source of information it isn’t because I am conceited it is because I have chose to live my life with my eyes and ears open. I have seen many things in my life, here and abroad, but I never have seen a Crhistian defend something so bizarre before. I don’t know if I need to continue to be angry with his stupidity or weep for him. In the end I do believe it will be both since I am both angry and sad that this piece of work exists.