Picture Of The Day: Fact Or Bullshit


Even though heathen Hollywood has always been a cesspool of depravity run by Satanic Zionists, it certainly was much less corrupt back in its early days. For back then women were still expected to act like ladies and remain mostly covered up, and the men were more or less masculine and not just flaming homoqueers like the actors of today.

That is why Taylor Swift flashing her shameful titty in this throwback photo is completely out of place, and is clearly a pathetic attempt to rewrite movie history. You better believe if John Wayne would have seen Taylor Swift prancing around with her boobies hanging out like this he would have punched her right in the cunt, and told her to holster her milk wagons before he slapped them off of her chest. Though it is hard for us to imagine nowadays some people in Hollywood use to have a sense of decency.

The above picture and paragraphs were sent to me via email by R.J., a proud supporting member of The Scorpion Army. She wanted to know if I could post it soon to see if my readers thought it was fact or bullshit. Personally I don’t care, what I found funny as fuck was how the short little story was written because absolutely nobody ever uses the Duke as a reference any more. So yes, being a fan of John Wayne (The Duke), I will post this to my blog, fact or bullshit it’s still funny, at least to me. On a very personal note, I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, so I’m not a follower of hers. But, if she ever wants to cross over to the dark side of metal then that could be a different story altogether, my luck she would suck at that too. Again, just my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on her music, its really just not my shot of tequila.

The actual original origins of the picture or the two paragraphs are still, at the time of posting, unknown to me personally. So, if any of this shit belongs to you, kudos to you because you made me smile and hopefully you won’t mind me posting it without express permission.