What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?


Never, and I repeat, never, dare or bet a stripper to do anything because you will be left holding the bag when the dust settles. The latest submission to The Magic Weekend actually comes from strippers I knew in my past life as a bartender at the full nude strip club we all worked at. In the past I had always heard of their antics while off the dance floors but was never directly included in the telling of the stories, until now. Now, I have in my possession, a true story of how these two strippers exploit the nights they are working by giving some lucky bastards a show in public that they are not likely to forget anytime real soon. Before I begin with their tale I must warn y’all of some graphic language, descriptions of some adult oriented situations, and the explicit use of words describing the female and male anatomy which might be disturbing to some of my regular readers. Let’s just say that they speak rather colorfully and are pretty direct at times. As always, when I begin, it will be directly quoted from the e-mail correspondence and the picture shown is the only one I can show here out of the 20ish that were sent in. So, if we ate clear and ready to begin, here we go one more time.

“Dear Mr. Bartender “

We are sad that you aren’t around us in person anymore and wish you were still working at the club. But you aren’t and we wanted to share so we were reminded that you still write on your blog and here is something we did this past Sunday night. You know us, always joking, pranking, making bets, and challenging one another to do the strangest shit. So we were sitting around after work and I mentioned that I wanted ice cream and would do anything to have some in my mouth right now. Ella pops off and asked ‘exactly what would Stacy do for a Klondike bar?’ Well, damn, what would I do. Not knowing the answer I returned her question with a question. ‘What would you have Stacy do for that fabulously delicious Klondike bar?’ After a few minutes she replied, ‘I would have Stacy put on her tiny pink lingerie and walk into a convenience store of  my choice and see if she can get anyone to buy her a Klondike bar without Stacy ever asking for one.’ Honestly? How hard could that actually be? Well, fuck it! I want ice cream and I want it now! I accept the challenge and I will get a Klondike bar, soon, real fucking soon.

We grabbed our shit and set off for my apartment so I could get dressed for the challenge. Ella quickly finds what I am to wear and tosses it on the bed for me. We strip my clothes off and I noticed that I was a little stubbly in my bikini area and that must be fixed before I head out. Since this will be a quick I just did it at the bathroom sink so I could see better with the big mirror. After a few minutes the kitty was slick and smooth, just the I like it. Panties back on and out the door we ho to go get my fucking free Klondike bar. How will it be free? I have a master plan! We pull into the parking lot of a fucking huge convenience store but there ate only 2 other cars in the front of it. What in the hell are people doing out at 3;35 am? The cashier was busy with someone so I was able to slip in un-noticed because of the others I was with that I his behind. Sneaky wouldn’t you say? The freezer I needed to get into was over by the fountain drinks which is where it seemed everyone else was at. Time to put my plan into absolute action, I got this ice cream in the bag! Since I would follow the rules and not say anything this called for drastic measures.

In total silence I reached passed this stud of guy. He was packing so much meat in his tight little jeans that I knew he was the one. After pulling out a Klondike bar, closing the freezer door. I made eye contact with him. In return he gave me a gushing smile with a look in his eye that told me I was already getting to him. I notice a pen in his shirt pocket so I reached out and took it. First I peeled the foil from the Klondike bar and then pit it between my teeth to hold it until I was done. Then I lifted my bra and wrote, across my tits, ‘BUY ME’ and then moved down and removed my panties and wrote ‘THIS’. After I saw his eyes ho down, I took the Klondike bar from my teeth, slid it down between my tits, down my stomach, and finally I was able to slip it firmly between my pissy lips. I let go, it stayed, he looked at me first then grabbed the whole fucking box and rushed to the register and paid. I quickly got dressed and walked with him out the door. He handed the box, I grabbed the package in his meat locker for a couple tugs, and then carefully placed my open and melting Klondike bar in his mouth. He bit off a chunk, smiled, and we walked away. He got in his car of friends and I did the same. Klondike bars for everyone is what I was screaming!”

The End.

I have nothing to say at this point for some reason. I guess I could ask…….. What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?