Features, Updates, And Other Changes

Within the last 24hrs there have been some changes going in here. Many of which have been behind the curtains with only minimal obviousness to the public. And most of the publically noticeable changes were in regards to relabeling items to the right, removing things from the right altogether, adding some new buttons, and reworking my entire blog roll and tag cloud. Blah blah blah yawn blah blah. They were just some house keeping issues that needed to really be tended to. There is a problem that I can’t fix however, and that is how your particular browser loads this blog. I had a handful of observations and complaints that it is “too busy” and therefore does not load right. So, I do apologize, I can’t fix that. I can say one thing, I use Chrome while on the PC or laptop and Chrome on my Motorola Android cell phone and I never, repeat never, have had an issue. Take into consideration that 98% of everything that is done here is from my phone and the other 2% is done from my tablet. No problems ever. I’m no expert but it sounds like a browser problem on your end. I have NO CONTROL of how anything loads up in your browser. Anyway, there has been an ass-load of updates to my blog roll, I have added many knew kick ass blogs. Understandably we all don’t have the same taste in what we like, but the ones listed are ones I really like. If you would like to drop me your link to check out please free to drop me a line here or an email, either way.