Honey, I Found My Birthday Present


Resembling the artistry of some beautiful alien technology, the new Emperor 1510 workstation from Novelquest has the shape of a bad-ass scorpion. I was looking for something else and stumbled across this bad-ass chair @ dudeIwantthat.com and I have decided that I want it. Obviously I’m still unemployed so anyone wanting to take a hit for the team can feel free to hook me up! All text, information, and pictures were borrowed from the above mentioned website without permission, but damn, I just needed to share it.


The pinnacle of functionality and comfort and it looks like a scorpion! At nearly $6,000, the Emperor 1510 workstation may require a CEO-sized wallet for purchase, but given that owning one may actually make me want to work 120-hour weeks…or at least 20-hour weeks…which would still be 4 times more than the 5-hour weeks I currently log…I’d probably recoup my costs within…I don’t know, someone who’s good at math story problems figure out the specifics. It wouldn’t be very long and the initial investment would be worth it is my point. Because once I had the hybrid chair paid for, I would obviously redirect my efforts to contribute to the rat race to more important endeavors, such as using the Emperor as an aid and prop in becoming the next Dr. Claw.


In addition to its ergonomic design and all-inclusive, compact work space setup, the Emperor 1510 features:

  • A Handmade Canadian Steel Frame. 3/16″ thick steel with a powder coating finish.Monitor Mounts. Allows for the installation of a single monitor of up to 30″, or triple monitor setups of 24″ apiece.
  • Upper & Lower Section Lifting/Lowering Capabilities. Emperor electronics allow users to set their perfect screen and keyboard height combinations, as well as tilt backwards up to 25 degrees to help relieve back pressure. Seat and leg rests also adjust.
  • LED Lighting. Multiple LEDs are positioned on the upper section of the structure to output sufficient lighting without generating a glare across computer monitors.
  • Connectivity. Supports Mac, PC, or game consoles using an assortment of built-in inputs and outputs. Also includes headphone jacks and a port for a second audio source, such as an MP3 player.
  • Sound System. Includes Bose multimedia speakers and under seat Acoustimass for stereo performance. Music, movies, and games play in deep, clear surround sound for you and you alone. Because sharing is for suckers.


Redneck Level: Genius


Tylenol Pain Reducer/Energy Drink


All the gain without the pain. I wish the FDA would approve some sports drinks that combine acetaminophen with 5-hour energy (minus the caffeine, which causes liver damage when combined so I’ve read).

Did y’all know, consuming large amounts of caffeine while taking acetaminophen, one of the most widely used painkillers in the United States, could potentially cause liver damage because of the toxic interaction that could occur not only from drinking caffeinated beverages, but while taking the painkiller?

Goes to show y’all what some of us diabetics research in order to better our health due medication interaction. Plus, the older I get the more ass I am dragging and the more pains I get. Just food for thought.


Contigo’s Kangaroo Water Bottle


While looking for something else, I came across this gem, I think I need one. Contigo’s Kangaroo Water Bottle doesn’t just hold your favorite drinks, but it has a built-in storage compartment for money, credit cards, and even keys.

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M56 Tactical Incendiary Travel System


M56 Tactical Incendiary Travel System

Designed as the ultimate tactical cigar case, the aluminum M56 is made in America, and features O-rings on both caps to insure nothing gets in, or out of your T.I.T.S.


Keep your “Victory Stick” safe and sound at the bottom of your ruck, throw it in a flare pouch on your body armor, or keep a few in your “European Man Bag” as you navigate the concrete jungle.


The M56 can be mounted to your Battle Mug (sold separately) with a 30mm scope ring (also sold separately) and used as a handle, or use it as a standalone device.


Warning! Once people see the M56, they won’t be able to keep their hands off your T.I.T.S!

Buy M56 Tactical Incendiary Travel System (T.I.T.S) here!

Notice: The above information, links, and photos were borrowed from Guns.com without their permission, but done as a tribute to this fine product. The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog (T.S.O.T.S.B.) and I have no affiliation with this website, products, or brands, except for being a customer. Consider this free advertising from a very satisfied customer wanting to share with everyone. Your welcome everybody.

Personal note: I have personally purchased this and other items from Guns.com for myself and father and we have yet to be disappointed. So, if you have been searching for that special, unique gift, this just might be your ticket.

Attention To All My Female Readers


Now that I have your attention let me throw some disclaimer information out there for y’all to read. The website, BuyBeaverButter, is in no way responsible for this FREE product advertising. But, they are a real company selling this real product and because of that fact I give them the proper recognition that they deserve. I can say, honestly, that Beaver Butter has been in our house, and I can personally attest to it’s effectiveness in keeping a fresh shaven beaver silky smooth. Since I like their product I will share the products information and how to get it. I do this for FREE and The Sting Of The Scorpion has no obligations to BuyBeaverButter other than having satisfied customers in my household. Go shave a beaver.


USB Wireless Air Mouse


We’ve seen some strange products in our time, illuminated toilet seats, bacon bandages, even a reluctant bride cake topper, but we’ve got to hand it to this little doozy. The idea of taking a humble little rodent, adding a strap on glove attachment and selling it to the great masses takes some real courage.

The USB Wireless Air Mouse (<—– link to actual mouse website) comes in a flashy shade of red, features a cute little micro dongle and yes…is worn on the wrist like a mitten without fingers. The wrap is made of neoprene and silicone and the mouse features 3 buttons and traditional mouse like functionality. The only difference is you wave your hand in the air like a Smurf to get your cursor marching. Priced at $42.00.

I found this mouse at The Red Ferret in their gadgets section as well as the above picture and description.

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