Guess How Many Are In The Bag # 2

How Many Peanut Butter Cups

Answer Will Be Announced On Monday 02 December 2013 If Not Guessed Prior

Guess The Correct Number & Get Your Name In Lights!



Well, unfortunately I have to announce that there wasn’t a correct answer given, there wasn’t even one close this time around. I really appreciate all the great participation and wish everyone better luck next time. So, the correct answer is there are 41 miniature peanut butter cups in the bag.

How Many Peanut Butter Cups Answer

Guess How Many Are In The Bag #1

How Many Hersheys Kisses

Answer Will Be Announced On Friday 22 November 2013 If Not Guessed Prior

Guess The Correct Number & Get Your Name In Lights!


Out of 100+ guesses of how many Hershey’s Kisses were in the 4″ x 6″ bag there was only a few that were close to being correct. Unfortunately there was not a correct guess given so I cannot announce a winner. I can, however, wish everyone who played (and didn’t) better luck next time.  The correct answer is a count of 46. The closest guess provided was given by TonyB @ 47 and now he will enjoy his name in lights.

How Many Hersheys Kisses Answer

What Am I? #7





Update – – – – Here Is The Answer Y’all Are Seeking (contest is now closed)

I guess it is time for me to reveal the answer. There was only one really close answer, made by “jerseylil”, when she commented “Part of a sign like a street sign?” I don’t think she knew, at the time of her comment, how close, as vague as it was, to the real answer. You will see below that, yes indeed, it is a sign. This particular sign is at my place of employment to let us know where our outside “Designated Smoking Area” is located. When I got to looking at it real close I thought it would make a great challenge to be put up on this here blog. As you can see I took the time to circle the area, shown in red, which was zoomed in on. I appreciate everyone’s participation, there were visitors from Blogcatolog, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, and Pinterest. I’m glad everyone enjoys playing because I have many more in the pipeline ready to launch.


What Am I? #4

What Am I oz


The answer y’all seek to the “What Am I” question is explained below.

Nitrile Gloves Box

Start out with a box of “Nitrile Gloves”

Nitrile Gloved Hand - Answer

Insert hand into “Nitrile Glove”


Take picture of hand in “Nitrile Glove” zoomed in to area circled in RED.

This challenge ran from early Thursday morning 07 November 2013 until Monday morning 11 November 2013.

I would like to thank every one from Blogcatalog, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and the World Wide Web for playing this episode of “What Am I”. unfortunately for everyone who attempted to give an answer there were no correct answers given. There were some close answers, there were some bizarre answers, and there were some funny answers. Some of my favorite  answers were: water under linoleum,  the abdomen of a slightly pregnant elephant, some type of molded plastic material, or something that’s been poured and hardened, a butt imprint on a leather seat, bed-liner for a pickup truck, truck floorboard, octogenarian in yoga pants, black sanitary napkin, camel toe, and my absolute favorite guess was left by my friend Slap The Penguin (STP) and it read like this, “the pistol grip of a big black rubber cock”. That’s just a handful of my favorites, they were picked out of 496 individual answers. Y’all did well with this one with some really wild guesses. There were some close ones and there were ones I was wondering what y’all were smoking. I hope you enjoyed playing this segment of “What Am I” and I look forward to everyone playing when I do the next one.