Why Is Al Jazeera Being Forced Into American Homes?

alj001Two weeks ago Americans subscribing to basic cable and satellite networks woke up to a new channel in the line up. I’m sure that most Americans have seen the channel addition if they watch any television at all. I noticed and I only watch about 45 minutes of actual television programming each day. News junkies like my parents are a bit frustrated with their satellite carrier because it shows up in the line up. I don’t usually get caught up in all of my parent’s hoopla about politics and such but they happen to notice the new channel addition as well and they had an opinion similar to my own. What is that opinion? Personally I don’t think a network that openly let Osama Bin Laden communicate with jihadists around the globe to promote and execute missions with his direct propaganda.  Why does the Al Jazeera Network think that just because they slap an “America” at the end of the name that Americans won’t remember the network or recall that it openly supported a global terrorist that was hell bent on destroying America? I don’t forget so easily. Having been in Kuwait and Iraq in the early and mid 90s I remember perfectly the hate mongering this and other like minded networks promoted towards Americans and the American efforts in that region. Now the network has bullied it’s way into basic cable and satellite packages nationwide. Now, whether you like it or not, get to subsidize all that propaganda as a part of your cable or satellite bill.

alja001I don’t know how you feel but I don’t like supporting Al Jazeera with proceeds from my own personal cable bill. Why should Americans have to pay for their utterly vile propaganda? Why should Americans be forced to fund what the Emir of Qatar created and is run by the government of Qatar? AT&T U-Verse and Time Warner are both being sued by Al Jazeera for backing out of their contracts to air the network . I’m pissed as a cable subscriber that I’m being forced to pay and support a network that is owned and operated by a foreign dictatorship. Al Jazeera has a long history of anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and openly support Islamic terror. Why should I be forced to pay for a network owned by this foreign dictatorship that is known for appeasing and subsidizing Islamic terrorists?

I guess I’m not objected to the channel being available on the networks. It should be something that I, the consumer, can make the choice to add to my package, not forced to have it. One would think that if the channel is just ignored that the ratings would plummet and the channel would get dropped. I have the mind to write a letter to my cable provider formally requesting that they drop the anti-American and anti-Semitic Al Jazeera from their basic package. I know what your thinking, if I’m so upset why don’t I just dump the cable provider and move on. Sounds easy enough, and it was an actual thought I had, but unfortunately the other providers available locally also offer it in their basic line up. In the end I guess I will do as the rest of Americans are being forced to do, just bend over and take it in the ass, pay to support Al Jazeera, and do it all with a big fat fucking smile. Way wrong answer. What is my answer then? I’m not sure yet but I will not be tolerating this much longer. I sure the hell hope my wife can find the rabbit ears for the big screen television. Be sure to take the poll below. I would like to know how others feel and think.