Odd Drinks Around The World #7


Drowning animals in wine seems to be a popular thing to do and this time with a potently poisonous reptile no doubt. Lizard wine is made with a type of liquor close to rice wine or whiskey and of course a lizard- the most commonly used is a gecko. Hejie Jiu is one of China’s strongest alcoholic brews but is also considered to contain a number of medicinal properties and treat such ailments as cancer, arthritis, and ulcers.

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Odd Drinks Around The World #2


Do y’all want to try a shot? A simple recipe made with cheap tequila and a snake that makes this a slightly bizarre beverage of choice. You are supposed to place the live snake into the bottle of tequila to drown, and as it drowns it emits medicinal properties beneficial to many (supposedly). Once drowned, you can take the snake out, skin it and gut it, place it back into the bottle to distill and age for up to a year and then consume.

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