What Were These People Smoking?

Michael-Jackson-Thriller-Metal-Tribute-604x604This Entire Album Can Be Listened To @ Metal Injection

Really, I try not to judge people’s bad decisions. But when you dream something up that is this fucked up you go straight to the top of my Fucktard list. Everyone has an opinion about Michael Jackson, everything from a gifted artist to a pedophilic sexual predator. In my own opinion these guys really crossed the line with this tribute. Therefore, I will show you the album cover and I will provide you the link to the Metal Injection website so you can listen for yourselves. You will never see Michael Jackson anything ever on my blogs ever again, this will be the first and last time. The only reason you get it today is because it is just that fucked up. What in the fuck were these people smoking when they dreamed this bullshit up? That is all, back to what you were doing.