Can I Be An Ornamental Horticulturist?


What do you think? My daughter is known for sending me unique gifts. I wish I knew where she got the ideas she has had over the years. I’m not exactly known for my green thumb, but she knows I grow my own “food” items like certain vegetables, peppers, and my evil grapefruit tree. Have I ever told you about that evil tree? I will do that today, I promise. Anyway, my daughter sent me seeds so I can attempt to grow my own Arachnis moschifera Blume (Scorpion Orchid). She thinks I will do fine since I do grow one flowering plant successful. I would say mother nature is doing just fine, as it is a wild briar rose bush/tree which she refers to. All I did was dug it up from the river bank 10 years ago, split it, and replanted it in a few places. Other than that I don’t ever mess with it.


So, once I do a little research, I will attempt to grow some Scorpion Orchids, they look pretty cool.