There’s Proof In This Here Picture


I have always wondered what T.S.O.T.S.B. (this blog) looked like being viewed by someone else besides me, and now I know that Rexi and her feline companion have a very dirty little secret. Well, since she placed it on Facebook, the cat is, well, out of the bag so to say. Not that she keeps her cat in a bag, I hope, but I’m just saying.

So, seeing this picture gave me an idea, yes it is scary when I get ideas on my own, but it happens, even to me. Anyway, the idea is more of a challenge for readers here, but its just for fun, there are no prizes, no fame, and I promise not to make obnoxious comments. Here’s the plan, I want y’all to have my blog pulled up on your PC/laptop/tablet or your device and take a picture of it. Then, email it to me. If you wish to be anonymous or use and alias or just put no reference, just let me know. If you are proud, leave your blog name/URL and I will include it in the post.

So far, Rexi has y’all beat hands down right now, her picture includes her bored to sleep cat, which I suspect is the reaction most people have as well.

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